Bronx Mental Health Redevelopment Projects

Project Overview

The New York State Office of Mental Health (OMH) is developing a new Bronx Psychiatric Center which will be a LEED Silver certified campus and will contain state of the art facilities, more functional interconnectivity, and a more compact campus for improved efficiencies all with the goal of better providing mental health services to the public. The project is being managed for the OMH by the Dormitory Authority State of New York (DASNY).

In addition to entirely new site characteristics and infrastructure the project consists of the following major building pieces:

  • Adult Behavioral Health Center - 156 beds

  • NYC Children's Center - Bronx Campus - 86 beds

  • Transitional Living Residence - 96 beds

  • Horizon House / Haven House - 44 beds

  • Studio Apartments - 48 beds

  • Central Services Building / Central Utilities Plant

The new campus will be designed and constructed maintaining community interests and with full MWBE compliance. The existing public features will remain as unchanged as possible during the course of construction and specifically the existing baseball fields near Waters Place will be relocated.

Community participation will be strongly encouraged. The goal of the project team is to maximize the community involvement and benefit, be it from comments and suggestions or from new jobs and skills training.